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Many people decide to join running with the goal of reaching their ideal weight, but do you know exactly how much you have to run to lose weight ?

At first, if you constantly go jogging for about 10 kilometers, you may notice some changes in your body and you may even lose weight; However, if you don’t have a structured plan, you run the risk of stagnation. This will make you unmotivated and you may even end up giving up physical activity.

In order for you to lose weight running safely and effectively , we have prepared this article with the main guidelines that you must follow. Of course, do not forget that the ideal is to put yourself in the hands of a professional who will advise you correctly according to your situation.

As we have mentioned before, it is not enough to run the same kilometers daily, at the same pace and doing the same route. The fundamental key is to combine our training sessions .

The types of training to lose weight running that we must perform are the following:

Short and cheerful running

Short running do not usually last more than 45 minutes and must be made at a lower rate than usual to burn those carbohydrates that could end up becoming fat.

It is not a question of carrying a speed that makes you to the limit, it will be enough that you expand your stride a little and keep during the whole journey that more «joyful rhythm».

To do this type of running you must have a base as a runner.

Long and slow shooting

The long runnings are those with a duration of approximately one hour. This type of training will be done at a calm speed, taking a shorter stride than in the previous one.

Be careful and do not exceed the number of kilometers or in the end it will take its toll.

Interval training

It is one of the most effective workouts to lose fat and, consequently, lose weight.

Quiet! You don’t need to start doing sets or fartleks , at least for now.

During interval training it will be enough to distribute the number of kilometers at different rates. For example: 20 minutes of warm-up + 2 fast kilometers + 1 kilometer at a slower pace + 2 fast kilometers + 1 slow kilometer + 10 minutes jogging to release legs.

interval running
Interval training is one of the most effective workouts to lose fat and, consequently, lose weight.

Distribute the sessions

We do not mean that you do a lot of kilometers in the morning and in the afternoon. It can be folded without the need for overly demanding training. You can run 6 kilometers in the morning and 5 in the evening. In total you will do 11 kilometers divided into two times.

These sessions can be more enjoyable and, in addition, two metabolic elevations are achieved .

Hill training

Obviously the level of demand for running on slopes is much higher than running on the flat. Due to this intensity, a higher Residual Thermal Training Effect (EPOC) is produced after the session ends.

How many days should I run to lose weight

Typically, experts recommend going for a run for 3-5 days a week . In case you are a beginner, do not abuse too much and pay close attention to recovery. Start by going out for about three days and, if necessary, alternate walking and jogging slowly.

As you progress, you will be able to jog for about 30 minutes continuously and incorporate some of the workouts that we have previously proposed.

heart rate
The heart rate plays a key role in burning calories while running.

False myths to avoid

If you are considering running to lose weight, there are some false myths that you should avoid falling into:

  • Sweating does not lose weight . Many times we see runners in the middle of summer bundled up with cotton clothes to sweat more. With this, you will only be able to lose fluid and increase fatigue and tiredness, not to mention the dangers of heat stroke or poor hydration.
  • You must respect the recovery periods to avoid any injury. It is better that you run fewer days a week so that your sessions are more effective and safe. Also, if your muscles don’t rest, you won’t be able to perform properly.
  • Don’t stop eating . To play sports you will need to provide your body with good fuel. Choose healthy and satisfying foods.



The running is a great sport to achieve our ideal weight gain. If you want it to be really effective, you must know how much you have to run to lose weight and plan your workouts correctly.

The main key lies in carrying out varied sessions : long, short, intervals, hills … In this way, your body will not fall into stagnation.

Remember that if you are a beginner you should not abuse the kilometers, and it may be necessary to start by interspersing the walk with the slow jog.

Avoid some false myths that have been generated and always bet on a safe sports practice to achieve your goal.


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