The new New Balance FuelCell Prism v1 could be considered as the version for pronators of the excellent New Balance FuelCell Propel , so if you know the latter you can already get an idea of ​​what the shoe is going to offer you.

New Balance FuelCell Prism v1: Features

We have in the New Balance FuelCell Prism 244 grams of weight, 6 mm of drop and a geometry designed on the inner face to offer support to a light / medium pronation at medium and demanding rates.

As we are used to lately, the main responsible for containing this pronation is a co-molded piece of the same material as the midsole (FuelCell) and that does not imply any intrusion but will give us stability in case we need it but it will not seem that we have a kind of wall under the arch in case we don’t “activate” it.

The fully composite FuelCell midsole provides plenty of bounce so reactivity is guaranteed for lively beats. It is going to be a shoe that will ask you for cane.

The outer parts of the sole are covered with an additional rubber that will add a little more cushioning travel. If you are looking for a mixed shoe with a lot of cushioning, take a look at this FuelCell Prism because it is undoubtedly something that it can show off.

If we remember what we commented in the review of the New Balance FuelCell Propel , its neutral sister so to speak, we had in our hands a very cushioned, light, versatile shoe , with good dynamics and an excellent quality / price ratio, with the suggestion to improve a point its stability (we would have had an honor plate sneaker with that little upgrade).

Well, that’s basically what the New Balance FuelCell Prism v1 is going to offer. So we have a mixed shoe that even neutral runners who require a bit of stability or those who start to prune with fatigue at demanding rates (almost all of us do) should have their sights set on.

Finally, it is necessary to highlight its upper , which has inherited design and know- how from New Balance’s fastest and most technological range, the FuelCell Racer : very breathable, with a supportive fit and that is at the same time quite flexible in the area. of the forefoot.

New Balance FuelCell Prism v1

Typical user of the New Balance FuelCell Prism v1

  • Runners with mild to medium pronation and even neutrals will find in the New Balance FuelCell Prism v1 aperfect mixed shoe : very cushioned, fast and with great stability.
  • It can be squeezed as a light training shoe by the most experienced runners looking for safety in the tread at lively rhythms .
  • Due to its versatility it can also be a good option for medium and long distance triathletes .

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