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Running shoes

In this section we gather the analysis and opinions of the best running and trail running shoes (for men and women) of the most important brands on the market (Nike, adidas, ASICS, New Balance, Mizuno, Brooks, Kalenji, Skechers, Salomon, Puma, Under Armor, Joma, Saucony, Altra, On, Salming…). The type of running shoe that is analyzed ranges from the simplest training shoe to the most technological competition shoe.

Clarify that the reviews of running shoes from keeprunworld team are their own and independent content. We are far from those who dedicate themselves to gratuitous adulation of brands and reproducing their press releases, with multiple errors. Consulting the technical sheets of the shoes is only one of the sources of information, since we seek first-hand information, even reaching the same designers and suppliers of raw materials of the brands themselves.

The team of testers at keeprunworld is made up of expert runners, some with several decades of dedication to athletics and who share their passion and knowledge of the environment through detailed analysis of all types of shoes for all types of runners and runners. They are active athletes with extensive experience, almost all with participation in official competition, some even international, or with training, or with a backpack loaded with experience and knowledge applied to the sale of sports shoes and running.

Analysis and opinions of Running shoes

To help you decide which running shoes to buy, each review is based on three axes:

  • Technical analysis: The analysis is carried out for each of the parts of the shoe: sole, midsole  and upper  cut. It covers important characteristics such as lightness, breathability, cushioning, response, stability, durability, traction, grip or support.
  • Test / Sensations: it is the part where the tester tightens the pegs to the shoes, training or competing, to see if everything transmitted and what the manufacturer explains about it is true and to what extent. It also gives to explain those things that can never be included in a technical sheet: the perception they transmit during their use. Contrasting the technical data with the actual test is mandatory to issue a final evaluation of the shoe.
  • Conclusion – The conclusion each of our testers reaches based on technical information, analysis, and testing. For many it is of great value that someone qualified explains first-hand how a specific shoe or model fits, each time. So, at the end of each review, they issue a final assessment on important aspects such as: Quality / Price; Design, materials and durability; Cushioning; Grip; Stability and, finally, Lightness.

Other aspects that are taken into account in the analyzes are the type of material and the design, since 100% of running shoes are the result of the combination of design and materials. All this will have an impact on quality and price, so knowing the details of running shoes through their analysis can be the key to making a good purchase. In addition, the opinions and inquiries we receive from readers are an invaluable source of information.

And you will not only be able to find analysis individually, but also in the form of running shoe comparisons , so that you can know specific details that differentiate them between them. Another type of content that you can find in this section are the shoe ranks based on certain characteristics: Type of tread (neutral / pronator), Profile that defines them (training or competition, for example), Type of people to whom they are focused or the best rated

Other types of content that you can find in the Running Shoes section of , are articles not strictly on specific models of shoes, but on aspects directly related to their use and that we think can also be decisive at the time to gather information on what type of shoe to use. They deal with topics such as lightness when choosing one model or another, how the running shoes are built, the durability that is assumed, or, simply, presentation of the latest collections of the big brands, with the arrival of new models and technologies. Technological curiosities (such as the first 3D printed shoe) can also have a place if they are considered of general interest.

Cheap running shoes

And although we have already mentioned it, it should be noted that in the analysis of running shoes from La Bolsa del Corredor, the price is also important. In the final evaluation, a quality / price ratio is scored based on the analysis carried out. On the other hand, also at the end of the shoe analysis we leave you a direct link to the manufacturer itself or to some place where we have found the most advantageous price for your interest. The offers are selected in totally safe stores for purchase such as Amazon, Zalando, Wiggle Decathlon, Sportshoes, Keller Sports, etc., so you will not have problems with returns.

Now that you know how we work with running shoe reviews, what are you waiting for to start devouring kilometers with them?

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